Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is it time for a water audit?

How much water does your family use in a month? If your family is anything like ours, the answer is too much. We routinely take long showers, rewash laundry left forgotten in the washer, and leave the tap running when we brush our teeth.

So ... maybe it's time for a water audit. Find your latest water bill and sit the family down for a meeting. Brainstorm ways to reduce your water consumption. Don't forget to add any silly and outrageous ideas. If your son wants to stop taking baths, add that to the list. If your mom wants to eat out every night so she doesn't have to wash the dishes, write that down too.

When you have compiled a long list of possible choices, discuss your options. Which ones are workable? Which ones are likely to have the greatest impact? Take a family vote and pick your favorite. Try one water-saving idea for the next month. When your next water bill arrives, sit the family down again and see if it made a difference.

If so, keep doing that idea and add a new one. If your first idea didn't make much difference, don't get discouraged. Try another one. Check back monthly and see how much water -- and money -- you are saving.

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