Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thanks for Voting!

On behalf of the Mama Joules blog, I'd like to thank those of you who voted in the poll. I've taken out my own vote (hey, I had to vote to get the poll started!) and I'm looking at the results from the ten of you who were kind enough to share your thoughts with me.

In order of priority, here's the breakdown for what you like about the blog:

Science activities & crafts / science education (5 votes each)
Mama Joules' musings / how things work (4 votes each)
Science & the arts (3 votes)
Current science news / book & movie reviews / All of the above (2 votes each)
Website of the week (1 vote)

Now, two things really surprised me about this poll. For one, I've been really focused on finding websites of the week. I guess it's not really that important. I think I'll keep that feature for now, but modify those posts to expand on why I like the website or talk about what's neat about the topic.

Which leads me to point number two: at least four of you out there actually like reading my rambling thoughts on science and life. Cool! Check out yesterday's post and have an ice cream on me. *grin*

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