Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thoughts on Blog Carnivals

I've recently learned about blog carnivals, these online magazine-like publications organized and hosted by different blogs. Each blog carnival features posts from various blogs on a specific topic with new issues posted on a regular basis. The range of blog carnival topics is wide, with Blog Carnival listing over 4,000 different ones, on themes ranging from kidney stones to signing babies and everything in between.

I've been having fun submitting Mama Joules' posts to different blog carnivals. I haven't quite found our exact niche -- I'm still looking for a "family science blog carnival" -- but I've enjoyed being a part of these issues:

Tangled Bank #107. Science. Love this issue's "choose your own" theme.

June 2008 issue of Learning in the Great Outdoors. Environmental education. Good stuff!

Carnival of Mathematics #34. All things math.

Berry Go Round #5. A celebration of plants.

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