Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Calendar of Science Holidays

Each year holds a wealth of weird, wacky, and interesting -- yet under-celebrated -- days for science, like World Weather Day and World Water Day. I decided to put together a calendar of annual science holidays and special events that celebrate science so that we could enjoy them together.

National events listed here refer to the United States, unless otherwise noted. Of course, if you live outside of the US, you are more than welcome to celebrate with us! (And I'll admit, some of these holidays are a little less "official" than others.) I expect to update this post in the future, so feel free to send me your special day and I'll add it to the list. Thanks!

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5 - National Bird Day
17 - Kid Inventors' Day
Last Saturday of the month - National Seed Swap Day

2 - World Wetlands Day
11 - National Inventors' Day
12 - Darwin Day
mid-month - Great Backyard Bird Count (four days)
third week - National Engineers Week (includes Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day)

12 - National Agriculture Day
12 - Plant a Flower Day
14 - Pi Day
22 - World Water Day
23 - World Weather Day
on or near Spring Equinox - Sun-Earth Day
National Wildlife Week

12 - Yuri's Night (The World Space Party)
13 - International Plant Appreciation Day
22 - Earth Day
the week before Earth Day - National Environmental Education Week
second full week - National Robotics Week
Earth Month

4 - Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!)

8 - National Rain Day (Australia)
12 - National Lab Day
22 - International Day of Biodiversity
23 - World Turtle Day
third Friday - Endangered Species Day
first full week - National Wildflower Week

5 - World Environment Day
6 - National Butterfly Awareness Day
8 - World Oceans Day
first Saturday - National Trails Day
National Pollinator Week

20 - Moon Day

fourth Sunday - World Kitchen Garden Day
National Water Quality Month

14 - Protect Your Groundwater Day
18 - International Observe the Moon Night
18 - World Water Monitoring Day
25 - Nature Rocks Day
26 - World Rivers Day (Canada)
third Saturday - World Tree Day
last Saturday of the month - National Public Lands Day
24-30 Take a Child Outside Week

10 - Powers of Ten Day

14 - No Child Left Inside Day (new!) (date varies, part of Earth Science Week)
15 - National Fossil Day (date varies, part of Earth Science Week)
17 - Geologic Map Day (date varies, part of Earth Science Week)
20 - World Statistics Day
23 - National Mole Day (celebrating Avogadro's number)
4 - 10 World Space Week
week containing the 10th day - National Metric Week
second full week - Earth Science Week
third full week - National Chemistry Week
Waste Reduction Week (Canada)

15 - America Recycles Day
30 - Computer Security Day


(No listings yet.)

[Last updated - 3/28/14: Added Star Wars Day and No Child Left Inside Day, corrected dates. 10/20/12 - Added Geologic Map Day.  1/29/11 - Added National Seed Swap Day; edited link for Sun-Earth Day. 10/4/10 - Added World Space Week. 9/17/10 - Added International Observe the Moon Night, National Metric Week. ]

Photo credit: SantaRosa OLD SKOOL via flickr // CC BY 2.0


CricketB said...

I like this list.

jublke said...

Thanks, CricketB. It took me a while to put it together, but it was fun looking for the holidays. :) I need to update this soon and add National Metric Week (not that it does much to convince us down here to give up our feet and inches!).

Anonymous said...

Mama Joules--

Great post! As my hubby and I face the fall and winter holidays, which largely revolve around religious celebrations, we long for alternative science related days to celebrate. Thanks for gathering this info!

Richmond, VT

jublke said...

Hi Jody, thanks for stopping by. If you come across any good science holidays for December, be sure to drop back by & let me know so that I can add them to the list.

Jarrod Haupt said...

It would be cool to have the birthdays/anniversaries of the rovers in here as a side list. Curiosity is 5 now, Opportunity and Spirit are 13ish, even if Opportunity is not functioning anymore.

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