Monday, January 7, 2008

Try your hand at science poetry

Are you looking for something different to do today? How about writing some science poetry? Here are some poetic forms with examples of science poetry written by children, taken from previous entries to the Massachusetts Science Poetry Contest . (Unfortunately, this contest appears to be closed, but I’m checking into it).

Here’s my childhood contribution to the oft-underappreciated science poem. I was nine years old when I wrote this ditty, which won an honorable mention in a poetry contest. You just never know where science poetry may lead!

Maybe in the Future

Maybe in the future,
We will find
A mysterious planet,
One of a kind.

All around this planet,
There is an eerie gloom.
And when you look up in the sky,
There is only half a moon.

The small eight-inch people,
Smiling as can be,
Have only one red hair, on their heads,
Small as the eye can see.

These are courageous people,
Fighting very hard.
And maybe in the future,
They’ll land in someone’s yard.

[UPDATE: The Massachusetts Science Poetry Contest is alive and well! Check here for more details!]

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