Friday, February 22, 2008

Website of the Week: Save Your Trash

Recently, I read about Ari Derfel, a California man who decided to keep all of his trash for one year. The original report on this story, It's no garbage strike - man keeps a year's worth of trash was written by Kelly Zito of the San Francisco Chronicle. Zito reported that along with his discovery of how much waste he generated yearly (around 100 cubic feet), Derfel also made some startling discoveries about himself during this time, including the fact that he was stress-eating way too much soy ice cream.

Derfel’s blog, Save Your Trash, includes links to what Derfel has learned by saving his trash and some of Derfel’s basic tips for reducing trash. I especially like the photograph of Derfel surrounded by his mound of trash. It is a sobering snapshot of American life.

[Please note that Derfel does save EVERYTHING and he mentions saving some items that might be considered unsuitable for little eyes.]

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