Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet the vug

Yesterday, I was floating around the web looking for photographs to jazz up my blog posts. Let me just say, the National Park Service has an awesome cache of photographs in the public domain. I wasn't looking for a vug, but once I saw one, I knew I had to show it to you.

Crystal-lined Vug in Wind Cave
Photo credit: Jason Walz, National Park Service

Despite the funny name and this rather intimidating photograph, a vug is just a hole (or cavity) in a rock. This hole is often lined with a different type of rock. A geode is an example of a round vug.


Steven Alexander said...

Nice blog, Mama Joules. I do eco-tourism here in the Amazon, but someday when I get old (haha), I'd like to move into environmental education. My blog is All the best. I'll be tuning in from time to time.

jublke said...

Nice to meet you, steven! :)

I like the photos in your blog. My older son is currently working on a project about toucans, so we've been talking about the Amazon rain forest a lot lately.

I'm a firm believer that God gives us enough talents to last a lifetime, so it's our job to keep trying new things! Best wishes for your move into environmental education; I think your blog is a great place showcase your interests.

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