Friday, June 6, 2008

Website of the Week: National Zoo

Giant Panda
Photo credit: Jonathon Coombes,

This week’s website of the week is the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. Visit Just For Kids and solve one of more than twenty online jigsaw puzzles, send an E-card, read fact sheets about animals and habitats (complete with photographs), enjoy a crossword puzzle, or print out animal coloring pages (including a Giant Panda Activity Book). Join the Conservation Kids’ Club and make a mask or listen to the call of a Golden Lion Tamarin. Explore the Kids’ Farm, one of the zoo’s newer exhibits, to learn about farm animals and discover where your pizza really comes from! Then Take a World Tour to learn about animals across the globe. Be sure to follow up by checking out one of the National Zoo’s more than twenty Animal Web Cams -- including two pandacams and three cheetahcams -- to meet your favorite animals up close.

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