Friday, August 1, 2008

Website of the Week: World Carrot Museum

Photo credit: Stephen Ausmus, Agricultural Research Service, USDA

It's been a long week here at Mama Joules, so I scoured the web for something truly unique for this week's website. Ta-da! "Discover the power of Carrots" at the World Carrot Museum!

Learn all about the different types and colors of carrots (including white, purple, and black ... who knew?) at The Carrot Today. Try some simple science experiments with carrots. Explore the history of the carrot or plan your next trip to coincide with a carrot festival. And be sure to drop by Mr. Carrot Head to give him a new face!

P.S. In honor of carrots, I also found this great photo of some kids in Japan doing a carrot dance.


carrotmuseum said...

Also people who make and play musical instruments out of carrots! - great fun.
AND how incredibly healthy carrots are for you.

jublke said...

Thanks for stopping by, Carrot Museum! :) I liked the pictures of carrots the best -- I never knew there were so many kinds.