Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mark your calendar for Make Tracks!™ 2008!

Make Tracks!™ Family Trail Weekend!

This year, the National Wildlife Federation is sponsoring the first annual Make Tracks!™ Family Trail Week-end over the Columbus Day holiday -- October 11-13, 2008. Get out of the house with your family, hit a trail, and enjoy nature! There's a link to NatureFind where you can enter your zip code (in the US) and find a trail near you. The NWF also has some nifty ideas for making your time out-of-doors more special.

(My thanks to my friend Kim for letting me know about this event!)


wheresanne said...

Thanks for linking to us! We're pretty excited about the event. Have you checked out our other web site: A real movement is underfoot to ket families outside again!

Thanks for "making tracks"!

Anne Keisman
Green Hourciebuq

jublke said...

Thanks, Anne! I haven't checked out the Green Hour yet -- I'll have to add that one to my list. :)