Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Food Detectives

As a fan of the Food Network, I'll watch most any show they broadcast at least once. But Food Detectives, hosted by Ted Allen, caught my eye and is worth a second look. Ever want to test those food myths you've heard about? Is the last drop of soda in the bottle really all backwash? (No, only about 2%, according to their tests). Can you really fry an egg on your car engine? (Yes, but it looks so horrid afterward that you might not want to eat it). You can upload your most pressing food questions to Ted Allen via video clip or drop him an E-mail here. Food Detectives reminds me of Mythbusters lite, but it's a charming show that's worth a view.


CricketB said...

You know, that might just get my son interested in cooking -- until he realizes he has to clean it up.

jublke said...

You could also try Alton Brown's Good Eats. That show is sort of a mix of cooking and weird science -- especially in the older episodes where he invents his own containers to cook in.