Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October is Fire Safety Month

In many communities across the United States, October is fire safety month. The official National Fire Prevention Week ran last week, from October 5-11, 2008. If your kids (or you) are in school, they probably brought home some great tips that they learned about preventing fires. If not, check out Sparky the Fire Dog's® fire-safety Scholastic website. You can Hunt for Home Hazards, create a home fire escape plan, or print out lesson plans to use with children in grades K-5. Teachers can submit student art or speeches to be presented on Scholastic's fire safety webpage. But you've got to hurry -- entries must be postmarked by October 20, 2008!

Sparky the Fire Dog® also has his own website through the National Fire Protection Association. You can learn all about fire trucks, dalmatians, or check out coloring pages, fire safety tips, and more. Sparky® even has his own arcade!

[Updated 10/10/10: Added a current link for National Fire Prevention Week.]


Suzann Marie Dolores said...

We recently had a home fire, and wish to help others through our experience. PLEASE SHARE with your community. Thank You! - Suzann Brucato

The classical elements of life are fire, earth, water, and air. What though are the elements of living? Having recently experienced a home fire, our family has learned what those basic elements are ... family first, then shelter including clothes and a safe place to sleep, faith in God and in ourselves, and food to nourish both our bodies and our spirits. We have recently published FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR, a family literary magazine sharing words and images reflecting our journey ... through the fire. We hope they help you find PEACE. - preview available at

jublke said...

Suzann, I'm glad that you've found such a positive way to deal with such a heart-rending experience. Best wishes for your new literary magazine. I see that you've got two issues out now! If you ever want to expand out and look for new writers, or get more exposure for your magazine, you might consider listing it at Duotrope's Digest. Best wishes!