Friday, February 6, 2009

Website of the Week: Immersion Presents

This week's website is the not-for-profit Immersion Presents, an organization founded in part by Dr. Robert Ballard, the scientist who discovered the Titanic.

Bringing "ocean adventures and discoveries" to children is the focus of the organization, and the website comes complete with video clips of ocean exploration, interviews with scientists about their careers, and science videos by kids. Online games include puzzles, making a map of a shipwreck, designing a remotely-operated vehicle, and learning how to behave like a dolphin.

Immersion Presents also has information about a Marine Art Contest for children ages 5-13 sponsored by the International Marine Environment Protection Association. The deadline for entry is February 13, 2009; please check the website for more details. (I couldn't find a detailed description of the rules; you might call Immersion Presents -- try their contact us section -- for more information.)

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