Friday, February 13, 2009

Website of the Week: Urban Science Adventures!©

Now, here's a blog that I can relate to. Described as "An Urban Ecology & Environmental Education Web Reference for young people," Danielle Lee of Urban Science Adventures!© blogs about a variety of things close to my heart like diversity in science, nurturing the scientific mind, and science blogging. She also has a recurring theme of reviewing science books for children (check out the label science literature). And I learned some interesting tidbits from her other posts, including that hairy is scary (at least when it comes to vines in the winter) and that there is a such a thing as Squirrel Appreciation Day. Check it out!

P.S. Good luck with finishing up your dissertation, Danielle! If I lived closer, I'd offer to take you over to Ted Drewes to have a coffee concrete. Mmmm.


CricketB said...


DNLee said...

Ohh, Thank you very much!!! Best of luck with the little one!

jublke said...

Thanks for stopping by, DNLee. :)

And thanks to both you & CricketB for the well wishes -- we're slowly getting reacquainted to life with a baby. (Zzzzzz)