Monday, August 17, 2009

Way to go, Kerm!

**insert parental brag warning here**

I just had to give a shout out for my oldest. Kerm, age eight, won three ribbons at the county fair for his photography! :)

Photography is a great way to help kids relate to and "see" the world in a new way. Kerm received an inexpensive digital camera for his birthday from Nana, and now he's snapping away at everything in sight. It's fun to see the world through his eyes and I love that he's building up his observational skills.

That said, it's a little intimidating to watch my child easily surpass me with photography. (My lack of ribbons at the county fair only heightens this awareness.) But I am excited that he shows such promise with nature photography. While I might write a poem or draft an essay about my experiences with nature, Kerm is more likely to conduct an experiment or take a picture. And that's okay. We're still sharing the experience together.

Photo credit: Kerm

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