Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Space is goop!

Last week, Kerm was working on a project for school about the Native American Cheyenne Indians. As a family, we learned all sorts of nifty things about the Cheyenne, like how their famous leader Dull Knife designed their flag. While working on this presentation, I took Kerm to Michael's to buy posterboard.

Once in the store - not to be outdone - Little Brother decided that he needed to complete a project. I told him that he had to pick a theme, like space or animals. After he chose his theme, we picked out stickers and stiff cardboard for his poster presentation.

When we got home, I needed to take care of the baby. So Kerm and Little Brother got out their supplies and set to work. Little Brother designed this piece all by himself. Now, remember, he's only four, so numbers and letters sometimes get reversed. I'm not quite sure why a website is mentioned, but the boys told me that "ww" refers to the World Wide Web. The take-home message - the theme of his collage - is that space is "good."

Photo credit: Mama Joules. Collage artist: Little Brother.


Alice's Astro Info said...

That's wonderful! I'm glad he thinks space is good. And clearly the internet is related somehow.

You know, even if he thinks space is "goop" ... well, there's definitely goop in space too! It's just usually on planets ...

jublke said...

LOL, thanks Alice. We appreciated your astronomy postcards. :)