Friday, December 5, 2008

Website of the Week: Astronomy Picture of the Day

Itinerant Cryptographer here, filling in for a tired Mama Joules. Monday, the sky had a real treat for anyone who looked up at it--the crescent moon, Jupiter, and Venus were all close together in the sky. In some places, the moon passed in front of Venus, blocking it from view for awhile.

Did you miss seeing this? Well, this week's website of the week has a lovely photo of that, as well as many other things you wish you'd seen in the night sky. Check out NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, a source of some amazing, beautiful, and interesting pictures, each with commentary by an astronomer. Don't miss the video footage of the fireball in the sky from Canada!


LynxGuide said...

Space web sites ( including Nasa's) are still stuck in the old 2-D HTML mode. I thought you might like know about a new 3-D way to view Nasa's Astronomy Picture of the Day at :

This front-end tool lets you chose among 6 different modern looks and get a week's view at a time.

Space always has spinoffs. You can apply it to your old boring Flickr pages, too, and email the link to your pictures to your friends or embed it on your own web pages. You can also use it inside your web profile in the popular game Second Life, at I hope to bring a some of their 16 million registered users into studying space ... I've been studying it for so long my head is full of it :-)

jublke said...

Thanks for the suggestion, LynxGuide! And thanks for stopping by. :)

info said...

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jublke said...

Hi Donna, MEET ME AT THE CORNER is a neat idea and I did enjoy your group's visit to Palomar Observatory. I added your site to my recent post about Astronomy Week. Thanks for dropping by.