Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Silly quiz: Do you think like a scientist?

So, maybe you’re reading this blog and you’re wondering, do I think like a scientist? Do I parent like a scientist? Here’s one (highly informal and irreverent) survey to help you decide:

1. When a bug lands in your soda, do you:

  1. Throw the can away.
  2. Think to yourself, “Wow, I need to look that up in my insect identification book!”

2. Your daughter comes into the house covered in dirt. Do you:

  1. Order her to take off her shoes and head to the nearest bathtub.
  2. Have her collect a sample of soil from the floor and rub it between her fingers to check the texture.

3. The news channel warns of an impending tornado. Do you:

  1. Go to the basement or an interior room.
  2. Grab your camera and head outside.

4. You turn your back for five minutes and your 3-year-old son has mixed flour, cinnamon, Kool-Aid, and something else into an unidentifiable goo. He is now holding the bowl in one hand and smearing this mixture on the walls with the other. Do you:

  1. Immediately throw the bowl in the trash.
  2. Let him test his hypothesis that the goo will stick to the walls before you take his bowl away.

5. You are reading this survey and imagining these scenarios actually taking place. Do you:

  1. Feel an immense sense of relief that this isn’t happening at your house.
  2. Wish the survey was longer so you’d have more ideas to try. ;-)


CricketB said...

You are so not being allowed near my kids. Real scientists spread out a drop cloth before making a mess. (I tell mine that they need to practice for when they use toxic chemicals.)

jublke said...

LOL! I'll have to remember that. ;)

Cheap Viagra said...

The true fact of the matter is that I do not think I behave as a scientist because I was taught other way. My mom was a freaky old lady which didn't realize about the beauty of nature and stuff, She just minded to see everything clean, that was so boring for me as a child, nevertheless, Now I understand why she didn't think as a scientist

Anonymous said...

just boring